Global Recycling Day and Our Part in the Vision

Global Recycling Day

Today is the fourth Global Recycling Day, an initiative designed to raise global awareness of recycling and encourage us to put our planet first.

The mission of Global Recycling Day, as set out by the Global Recycling Foundation, is twofold:

  1. To tell world leaders that recycling is simply too important not to be a global issue, and that a common, joined up approach to recycling is urgently needed.
  2. To ask people across the planet to think resource, not waste, when it comes to the goods around us – until this happens, we simply won’t award recycled goods the true value and repurpose they deserve. *

It is values that we wholeheartedly believe in too and our IRR Waste to Energy team is working hard to establish new technologies to process hard to treat and hard to recycle waste through our pyrolysis plant and establish new recycling streams through our Test and Research Facility.

Pyrolysis plant tackling hard to recycle waste

Up and running and now awaiting the delivery of the final part to take it a 24-hour continuous plant, our plant has been commissioned to process end of life tyres (ELTs). However, the technology is entirely suitable to allow other materials to be processed through this method and this is where our Test and Research Facility comes in.

Test and Research bringing great results

So far, we have conducted only a small number of tests in comparison to what we can cope with, however the results derived from these tests have been most encouraging.

This facility allows us to test material to ascertain which by-products are achieved; oil, gas, char, and determine how useful those by-products are in a circular economy. The aim is to ensure that no further waste is created by making the process truly circular.

Integration into the wider global recycling vision

Whilst this is a project that we are clearly very committed to, it is evident that it plays a significant part in the overall recycling strategy of the UK and beyond. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste we have, ensure the waste is recycled through appropriate channels and that a circular waste process is created wherever possible.

Engaging with businesses to allow them to fully explore the positive effect pyrolysis could have on generating added value revenue streams, ticking myriad of sustainability boxes and paving the way for a company that could generate its own energy is an exciting process. We still have a long way to go but we have achieved so much already. It’s an exciting journey and one we hope you will join us on.

If it makes the world a cleaner, more responsible place to be why wouldn’t you?


* Taken from Global Recycling Day website