Industry professionals driving forward tyre recovery and pyrolysis in the UK


We’re pleased to have become part of a group of industry professionals who are driving forward tyre recovery and pyrolysis in the UK with the formation of a new working party designed to explore opportunities and benefits from the combination.

We are one of 16 members of the group, an initiative by the Tyre Recovery Association, and we are committed to working with all partners to add value as both an operator and manufacturer of pyrolysis technology.

“This was a great first meeting establishing the direction of the group and the agenda for future meetings,” said Graham White, Group Commercial Director at Carlton Forest Group. “This new forum will allow all research, best practice, and a combined goal to be shared and significant progress to be made.”

The Tyre Recovery Association has a clear strategic direction, under the guidance of Secretary General Peter Taylor OBE, and works to give strategic direction to tyre recovery, recycling, waste management and legislative matters across all part of the industry.

“It is imperative that, as a nation, we capitalise on the pyrolysis technology available to us, the added value revenue streams available through disposing of waste tyres in this manner and that we achieve this together,” Graham. “Pyrolysis is not a new invention; however, it is relatively unknown in the UK. But with such initiatives, this emerging technology can be a real game changer in achieving ambitious targets in the tyre recovery and recycling sector.”

Further information about the Tyre Recovery Association, of which IRR Waste 2 Energy is proud to be a member can be found by visiting