Second Annual Report from UK Plastics Pact reminds us of 2025 targets


The second annual report from WRAP Plastics Pact has cut unnecessary plastic by 40% and increased recycling by 107,000 tonnes.

The pact, which was launched in 2018 to eliminate problems and single use plastics from our waste streams, reported significant steps in the right direction with many notable, influential businesses including Tesco, Danone, Mondalez and PepsiCo making huge headways into changing their packaging dynamic and delivering measurable improvements.

The 2025 targets outlined in the pact and detailed within the report are:

1: Eliminating problem plastics

2: Reusable, recyclable, compostable

3: Systemic approach to boost recycling rates

4: Working towards 30% recycled content

With a two-pronged approach – to encourage businesses to take responsibility for the packaging materials they choose, increase consumer awareness and encourage them to make better choices – the pact is on an upward trajectory to deliver huge improvements in just seven years.

Rory Hughes, Technical Director, IRR Waste 2 Energy commented; “This is a great project and has really awakened businesses and consumers alike to the fact that changes had to be made to remove these hard to treat and hard to recycle products from our UK waste streams. Coupled with the advancement and availability of technologies such as our test kiln and research facility and our continuous pyrolysis kiln, further opportunities on a more long-term basis can be integrated with the reductions made through the Plastics Pact to ensure all plastic generated is either recycled or treated through pyrolysis to create added value commodities in a truly circular fashion.”

For enquiries regarding hard to treat and hard to recycle waste plastics trials through the test and research facility please contact