Is 2020 the year for responsible tyre recycling in UK?


In a recent statement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined his wish to ban the export of all UK waste and with limited applications and uses for end of life tyres an alternative solution is desperately needed. We are therefore delighted and proud to offer our safe, efficient, environmentally friendly proven technology that turns waste tyres into other valuables resources that can produce power and energy.

Our pyrolysis system has been designed to run on a continuous basis and processes one tonne of end of life tyre crumb per hour. The high-grade fuel oil produced can then be used in an engine to deliver 1600kw of power and 5000kw of thermal heat per hour. In comparison, the typical home in a mild climate uses between 13 kw and 83 kw of energy per day, so you can see the entirely positive impact such systems can have on recycling unwanted waste which is typically incinerated, exported or sent to landfill, and in energy generation.

The applications for this amount of power generation are endless and can include electricity, absorption chilling for cooling, drying, district heating systems for homes and superheated steam amongst many others.

Why don’t you embrace this new technology and reap the benefits of power generation for your business all whilst helping to make 2020 the year that the UK finally starts to deal with its waste tyres responsibly.

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