Pioneering Advanced Conversion Technology Set to Help UK Businesses Become More Sustainable


Our latest news which we shared with the waste and recycling media –

A tried and tested advanced conversion technology plant is now available to businesses in the UK who wish to become more sustainable and potentially run business operations ‘off-grid’. Carlton Forest, which owns IRR – a company which manufactures the equipment – is now showcasing the technology to highlight the benefits that can be reaped from its installation.

“This advanced conversion technology will revolutionise the recycling industry and provides a solution which sees products, that are typically exported or sent to land fill, processed into a fuel for power generation,” said Graham White, Group Commercial Manager, Carlton Forest. “Our systems can offer a zero to landfill waste processing solution and, in a time when more businesses are seeking ways to reduce carbon footprints, become more sustainable and help to solve recycling issues, we are now in a position to make a real difference across all sectors of UK industry.” The technology is easily transferrable across a range of business types and investment in the plant will provide businesses with an alternative energy stream which is sustainable, as well as helping to solve waste issues.

IRR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced conversion technology which processes end of life materials such as tyres and polyolefin plastics into valuable outputs such as power and fuel. The environmentally responsible system can process up to 850 litres of fuel from one tonne of end-of-life plastics.

“We are now trying to educate businesses across the UK as to the measurable benefits investment in this technology can bring and how together we can make business operations, small and large, more sustainable.”