Carlton Forest Announces Business Acquisition


Carlton Forest Group has acquired IRR Manufacturing, a company based in Pretoria, South Africa.

As part of its future growth and diversification strategy, the acquisition will support Carlton Forest’s visionary plans to create a self-sustainable logistics park and carbon recovery project at its headquarters in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Determined to develop its sustainability credentials the company created a long-term investment plan to build an ACT plant that offers an incredible energy efficient way to conduct its business operations.
In addition to creating our own Advanced Conversion Plants, which forms the anchor of its carbon recovery and renewable energy project, it will also create bespoke systems and ancillary equipment for other businesses who are seeking new ways of generating off grid energy and wish to be more proactive with regards to sustainability objectives.

The plant at Carlton Forest Group will utilise end of life tyres to produce fuel for power generation, high grade carbon char, which after further processing will see the creation of recovered carbon black (rCB) and heat for use in an associated district heating scheme and absorption chilling for its chilled warehousing facility. The systems are principally designed to process end of life tyres, wood and plastics and create further meaningful and valuable products that support a wide range of industries including pyrolysis oil, recovered carbon black, Bio-char and a bituminous additive.

Carlton Forest Group is now proud to not only showcase its pioneering technology at its Worksop site but also create, design manufacture and install its products across the globe.