Lifting the curtain on the environmental benefits of pyrolysis for end of life rubber and hard to recycle waste.

Our objective is clear. We're playing our part in making reusing waste part of the circular economy on a zero to landfill basis. It's not rocket science, although the science bit is pretty impressive!

Through our waste tyre and rubber pyrolysis systems - the UKs only one of its type - our plant benefits from continual and consistent running when operational. We are working hard to clean up the planet and leave it in a better place than which we found it.

We've provided industry with a great opportunity to embrace a different way to fully recycle waste and turn it into something useful, moving away from mass burn and reducing the impact on the environment.

The good news is that every part of what our system produces can be utilised including oil and carbon char. It really is a circular process that is cost effective and reliable.

If you're committed to a more sustainable future then do get in touch - we can't wait to show you what can achieve together.

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